Below Zero began as a physical manifestation of the need for something different in the Scandinavian circus scene.
In 2018 just as autumn turned into winter the company had gone from vague ideas to three projects in the upstart.

The company’s name is inspired by the circus artists ability to look weightless in their actions, flying almost like falling snowflakes, time can seem to be frozen and weight non-existing.
One can not overlook that the company is Scandinavian made, and the name also refers to the fact that almost seven months a year the temperature is literally below zero.

The cold weather shapes the company’s artistic expression as creating warmth and human contact  in many ways characterizes Below Zero.
Even though Below Zero is based in Stockholm, we work globally and are trying our best to find ways to bring culture to the countryside of all nations, as a lot of art has a tendency to only find its way into the larger citys. We want to be present in both places.

Welcome to something different.



Axel profilbild.JPG

Axel Ahl - Artistic leader and head of marketing.

Axel grew up on the Swedish country side and found love for stage art performances in his early life. He loved it all, acting, dancing, musical theatre and concerts. At fourteen years old he saw his first contemporary circus show and fell in love with the art form. Since then, he’s dedicated his life to explore the art that is contemporary circus. More than once people have stated that Axel is strong as a bear. That delights him.

Profilbild Sara.JPG

Sara Runsten - Artistic leader and head of production for PACE.

Sara grew up in the suburbs of Stockholm. With a multi-cultural family it’s not surprising that she has a broad view on the arts. She started practice circus at thirteen years old when the lack of creative thinking in sports disappointed her, and since then her creative process has been on going. More than once Sara has been told she is a female version of Charlie Chaplin. That delights us.

Profilbild Lukas.JPG

Lukas Ivanow - Artistic leader and head of economy.

Lukas has always had a passion for jumping. It all started even before he could walk. He spent hours jumping in his hop swing in the living room, and not long after he started walking he got his first mini garden trampoline, which he later upgraded in to a bigger one. Then he started the Circus gymnasium in Stockholm, Sweden where he for the first time got introduced to the teeterboard, and it was love at first sight.

profilbild Klara kopia.JPG

Klara Sköldulf Philipp- Artistic Leader and head of communication.

Klara grew up in Stockholm and found circus at the early age of seven. She was a stubborn and patient child and she got obsessed with trying to find the balance on a 10 mm metal wire. Since then she just couldn't let go of it. She studied circus at DOCH in Stockholm and in Copenhagen, Denmark specializing in wire dancing. She enriched her practice exploring site specifik performance and political performing arts. Klara is combining poetical, visual universes, technical skills and a grounded, groovy movement style on the wire.



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