KYRKUS is a Swedish wordplay with the word for Church and Circus. It's a project that was started in relation to the often problematic struggle to find a working space to perform circus in cities/villages/towns that do not have large theaters or concert houses to perform a professional production in.
Even though the politics is slowly trying to kill all countrysides, we want to perform where the people will notice. Where we make the most impact. 

We started to look for different possibilities for a project specified for a local circus scene and found that the Swedish countryside in many ways had been abandoned. But in all villages we considered, the church was always present.
We reached out to the Church of Sweden and are now working together to find a meaningful collaboration that will leave both sides satisfied.

The Church of Sweden has been a clear beacon of acceptance and trust during a time where the alt-right powers has risen in power both in Sweden and in the rest of the world. During these global cold winds blowing the church has taught people the importance of love and trust.

We believe in love and trust, and both the circus and humanity itself solely depends on it. We are no greater than what we achieve together, and cooperation is as vital in life as it is in our circus disciplines. Therefore we will do our best to spread this love and trust.

With an incredible cast of artists we bring together a magical evening that will be filled with live music and incredible acrobatics.

Are you interested in a performance unlike anything you’ve ever seen?


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